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Referral is a “Word of Mouth” marketing system. It’s traditional meaning- a person recommended to someone or for something. In this method promoting the services to new customers through referrals, usually passing of information from person to person by oral communication.

Referral fees in our business are fees charged by one agent or broker to another for a client referred. They are most common when a seller client is leaving the area and their agent refers them to an agent or broker in the new area to which they’re moving.

Generally this fee is a percentage of the final commission received by the agent who accepts the referral.

Not to be confused with multi-level marketing, which is also sometimes called referral marketing.

Benefits of Being a referral guy…

When any Individual or Organization refer any customer or student for any services or training program that ovoyov currently offer then the Individual or Organization get 10% discount or commission from ovoyov.

List of Organization who get 10% discount or commission from ovoyov.